You're Fine

by Christopher Walking

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released March 20, 2014

recorded//mixed//mastered by jake ewald
vocals on "goin' in for the bunt" by casey leo



all rights reserved


Christopher Walking Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

sounds like shit but you cant stop eating it

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Track Name: Tigerhead
then she said to me that this was just a dream
and everything we see is only make believe
you don't like where we, you don't like where we'll go (you don't like how i drive, well the brakes don't work)
but if you stick with me it's really not that bad (but if you stick it out its really not that bad)

i thought we had it all but i was dead wrong
sitting outside your house
it never felt so wrong (you made a bad call, calling me out)

you may think its wishful thinking, sitting by yourself and drinking
all alone there on your couch
i can barely stand to stomach it now

its been a long time coming and now i'm outta smokes
and i drank too much but we'll be okay

you're standing there with that fucking hat on
i swear that i cant stand to see your face

you may think its wishful thinking, sitting by yourself and drinking
all alone there on your couch
i can barely stand to stomach it now

you found me at the bottom of it all, i'm calling
you found me
at the bottom of it all i'm calling you
Track Name: Cabin Boys
now i think she is calling me a poser
but shes the poser cause i'm the darkest one
then you left me out to sleep on the couch
in that room in your parents house

i'm sorry for the things that we did
please understand that we were just little kids
and if you're gonna hang this over my head
then this whole thing would just be better off dead

don't ever say that i don't care
you know damn well that i was there
and on my fucking life i swear
that you'll go faster alone

we'll miss you. if you care at all.

talking words that don't mean shit
i never wanted any of this
why are you on adderall
i'm sorry but you made your choice
Track Name: Goin' In For The Bunt
i'll never leave you alone
i took it too far and i've seen where you'll go
the pain that you felt at the expense of my fear will not be felt again not again not this year

cause you couldn't leave me alone
you took it too far, drove me outta your home
the pain that you felt at the expense of my selfishness will not be felt again please just rebuild your confidence

i know that i'll be alone
whether you'll care or not, i don't know
the anxiousness that i supressed, the way your lips caressed my neck, i'll let it all go i'll just let it all go

cause i need to leave this alone
or it will kill me for reasons that you'll never know
i'm pitiless i must confess that i wont miss the way we kissed, i'm such a wreck you caused me this, just leave me alone
Track Name: Never Mongo
everyone you fucked is now a part of me
so i am everyone, yeah i am everything
to get you into bed was a little easy this time
to get out of my head was a little harder now

i wanna scream until my throat starts bleeding, cause all my dreams are of my teeth all falling out

i need to be inside of you again but you wont let me so i'll crawl inside your head the only way that i know how

i hope that youre just sleeping
i hope that youre not dead
cause i need to know the quickest way to get inside your head
for reasons you can't know, cause i do not know myself
i'd give up one or both of my limbs to be anybody else

you want what you can't have
i'm sorry you got so mad
i'm telling you everything you ought to know
Track Name: Trynacollide
take it apart, the words that you thought you said
all of the lies to get in my fucking head
i said i want and i swear that i meant it
two years ago this thing should have ended

i've got something you might want
deep inside of my lungs
get out of my head
i would rather be dead

do you remember the summer
or have you settled for the winter
i can't feel my fucking toes
where did i go wrong, when did you stop dancing

did you not think i would find out, cause i found out, yes i found out. holding on until you're feeling safe. all i asked was that you'd give all that you had for the taking. right before my throat starts breaking let me tell you how i feel. you're fine.

i'm not feeling anything but tired, i'm underwater and uninspired

i always depend on substance abuse, to use up all my time
and im fully convinced that now i am shit, but i think that it's fine
cause numbing these senses makes it feel like you're still mine
and my actions are reckless cause i'm running out of time